Friday, 29 January 2016

Kingston, Ontario: One Spooky City...

I grew up in Kingston; and there are more than a few memories of mine of things that either went bump in the night or were just creepy in the daytime.

There's something about this area that gives the impression that the veil between what we experience and what else is 'out there' is pretty thin. So much so, that we've built a tourism trade on it!

Personally, I don't believe The Haunted Walk and Fort Fright came about by happenstance...

Some people point to the physics department at Queen's University where fundamental research on 'The God Particle' has been conducted for over twenty years.

Others point to the proximity of our First Nations friends. I have been to Pow Wows in the Deseronto area, and each time I've gone, I've felt a resonance that is hard to put into words.

The history of our city is tied to the misery in the local prisons. It is a toxic environment on so many levels, for both offenders as well as employees.

Across the Causeway Bridge is a military installation among the oldest in the country. World Wars, Peace Keeping efforts, Counter Terrorism activities... the spirits of men and women who have lived and worked here in Kingston... and then gone on to die in distant lands... is a constant reminder.

This is a city of a vibrant history, yes. What I'm trying to say is that this history isn't always in the past. The seen and unseen, the past and the present... here in Kingston, Ontario those differences aren't as easily sensed.

Sometimes we experience the past coming alive. And sometimes we see things better left behind the veil.

These... 'glimmerings' happen a lot in this city. And those portents, those unspoken whispers are what I base my novels on.

So, with no further adieu... here's a peek at my first novel of my series 'The Ghosts Of Kingston'.
Book 1: Crawley House. It's scheduled to be published in April!


  1. Awesome post Michelle! I am looking forward to reading" Crawley House"

  2. Thanks so much! I'm really looking forward to publishing it by April 2nd!

  3. I've read Haunted Inn and Ghosts of Centre Street. I am currently reading Crawley House. I love your writing style and your characters!

  4. I have so enjoyed finding your writing treasures!! I have studied Metaphysics for the past 40 years so these stories keep me enthralled.Am anxious for the 4th book in Keira's series and am just starting The Crawley House. Always so nice to "connect" with a new creative "friend" Joy Pedersen