Saturday, 13 February 2016

My New Book Crawley House is finished! What's it about? Glad you asked...

Isn't that cover the cat's ass?
Oops! Sorry, I just said a bad word in front of the twins...
Anyway... my new book is about...

The Victorian era house is perfect for Gillian to start the next chapter in her life. Dirt cheap rent, close to the university and a fenced backyard for her five year old daughter Sarah, make the place irresistible.

Thank God for Maureen, Gillian's Mom! She's ready to start a new chapter in her life as well, which includes moving to the new city to care for her daughter and granddaughter. This is so good!
Or...too good to be true?

Crawley House was built a hundred years ago. Its Victorian charm is bewitching and odd.  At times, Gillian's mother  speaks like an Irish washerwoman in the 1900's, her daughter, Sarah like a prim English lady. They never quarreled before, but now the air is heavy with tension. Even the dog is uneasy.

Sarah loves the swing in the backyard and her new friends, the twin girls that no one else has ever seen. They keep warning her of danger.

Nana is unable to sleep in her room. There're icy cold spots, a creaking floor board and a feeling of suffocation and smell of rotting flesh... that is when the family bible isn't flying off the shelf and crashing to the floor.


Yes, it's a century old home. It has a past. It has a history...

No one told Gillian about the previous tenants who fled for their lives.
No one told her about the treacherous, evil history of Crawley House.
 Evil that persists and wants them dead!