Sunday, 25 March 2018

I hope you enjoy my newest as much as I did writing it!

I am so happy with my newest book, 'A Grave Conjuring'.
One thing that writers often say is that their books practically write themselves. Trust me, that's not the case many times.

But when it is... oh man is it a wonderful experience. And my latest book is a perfect example. I just put it up live on Amazon, and I'm really happy with this one, let me tell ya. It's about two sisters (hmmm... wonder if my sister Corliss had any influence in THAT particular plot point? LOL) who lost their parents tragically a couple of years ago. When they find a Ouija board in their new home, the younger sister nags her older one into using the Ouija board....

And then things start happening...

I hope you enjoy my newest book, and I hope that you're having a wonderful Spring. I had a delightful (and, kind of creepy) winter writing my newest book!

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