Wednesday, 8 August 2018

His psychic gifts have become a curse- my latest book 'The Demon and Me'

Nineteen year old Adam is not your average guy out on the bar circuit prowl for women. His psychic abilities dazzle  women before his smart mouth sabotages any chance at romance. But a demon has become enamored with him. He’s perfect and ripe for the picking...


Well, hello there!

We’re now into August, and those of you with kids at home are countin’ the days till school starts again!

C’mon, don’t lie! LOL

I remember back in the ‘90’s Staples office supplies did a whole campaign themed to Christmas music! Don’t believe me? Just Google ‘Staples most wonderful time of the year’! I saw that TV spot 22 years ago and it still makes me laugh! I suspect it’s because my kids were just about the age of those kids in the ad.

Oh what the heck, here's the ad I'm talking about!

Speaking of back to school…

I'ze can goez to skool!

No, you can't Suki.
Wot? How comezez?

Sukes…you’re not a human, okay? And…well…to tell the truth you’re way too old in dog years for school now. And besides, if you did go to school, there’d be no walkies or treatzez.
Wot! Den NOEZEZ! I stayz home den.


As I was saying, speaking of school, Adam Rafferty dropped out of school in his last year of high school and moved out on his own. He’s sharing an apartment and has a part time job as a delivery boy.
Gifted from birth, he’s about to learn that his gift comes at a cost…

My newest release 
The Demon And Me
is live on Amazon!
Adam is a typical nineteen-year-old guy except...he isn’t. Born with the gift of second sight, he could be a great help to people. Could be, if he wasn’t such a slacker. Instead, he’s obsessed with his nonexistent love life, trying to hookup with women too many evenings in the local watering hole after the shift at his part-time job ends.

Marked when he was twelve years old by a powerful demon, he encounters it again. It’s been waiting for him to mature and now he’s definitely ripe. 

Adam is revolted by the evil succubus. Even a wannabe lothario has some standards. This enrages the demon, who strikes back. Bodies start to pile up. Making an already terrifying situation worse, the evidence points to Adam as the murderer.

He flees his small town and ends up in Saranac Lake—exactly where the demon wants him. Now it’s up to him to finally man up and fight.

All hell is about to break loose.

The Demon and Me: A stand alone novel of Paranormal Suspense in the traditions of Odd Thomas and Rosemary’s Baby.

It’s only .99 for a limited time! So get your copy today!

And yes, it’s also in Kindle Unlimited, a wonderful program for avid readers. Read all the eBooks you want a month for just ten bucks!

Well, that’s about it for now. Enjoy the rest of your summer!
As always, thank you for your readership. 
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