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I live along the shore of Lake Ontario, in the enigmatic city of Kingston, the limestone city. The water along with the limestone is conducive to much ghostly activity, which is why I mention it. It’s not only a beautiful place to be, but it’s spooky as can be.

When I don’t have my nose in a book (either reading or writing) playing with my two spoiled pugs, or just hanging out with my husband and business partner, Jim is what I love. Winter’s pleasure are skiing or lounging on a white sound beach in Cayo Coco. The pugs don’t enjoy that too much, being left home with a sitter. They DO like summer when we’re either gardening or enjoying a beer at sunset next to our fire pit. No beer for the pugs, though.

I’ve been writing ghostly horror for well over ten years with two popular series. I’ve dipped my toes into the paranormal women’s fiction genre under my other pen name, Shelley Dorey. For a humorous escape you can get these two series — Hex After Forty & Witch Way– on Amazon.

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Michelle Dorey, Best Selling Author of Paranormal Novels

Michelle Dorey, Best Selling Author of Paranormal Novels

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